Coral Reef Fish Species – A Short Presentation Of The Most Representative Types

The regions where the greatest coral reef formations are located, the so-called Indo-Pacific area and the Greater Caribbean zone, are populated by an impressive number of coral reef fish species. It is estimated that the Greater Caribbean area is the home of at least 600 different varieties, while the Indo-Pacific area shelters between 4,000 and 5,000 species.

For all those interested in learning more on the subject, here is some information you can find useful:

Physical Characteristics of the Fish Living in the Coral Reefs

• Patterns of colors – Unlike the fish species dwelling in oceans, seas and other open waters, that are known for their rather monotonous appearance, those living in the coral reefs are lively colored. The patterns on their body and the striking colors serve multiple purposes, like camouflage, mate attraction or warning. Find a list of coral reef fish.

• Body shape – Sea weeds and coral formations provide many hiding spots for the fish species in these areas. However, the space is often very tight, and the marine creatures need “special equipment” to sneak in without being noticed. As a result, almost all coral reef fish have thin or flattened bodies. The fins in the pelvic and pectoral area help them find the right course, but also move with high speed when catching the prey or escaping the predators’ teeth.


Regardless of the area they live in, the fish populating coral reefs are of four kinds: benthic carnivores, herbivores, piscivores and planktivores.

• Benthic carnivore fish – It refers to the fish varieties preying on the sea creatures that live near the sea’s floor. The triggerfish, closely related to the puffer-fish and trunkfish, is very representative for the category. The spine it is “equipped” with allows it to search for its prey far from its habitat. The butterfly fish is another benthic carnivore coral reef fish variety. Its mouth features rows of fine teeth resembling those of a comb, that help them prey on invertebrates.

• Herbivore fish – Surgeonfish, with the tail spines resembling a scalpel, and rabbitfish, with long snouts, are among the most known fish varieties feeding on sea grass in the coral reef area. They are mainly found in the Red Sea and the Hawaii area. The damselfish are nicknamed “farmer fish”, because they guard and take care of their source of food.

• Piscivore fish – They are of 3 categories: stalking predators, pursuing predators and ambush predators. Barracudas, trumpetfish and needlefish are representative for the stalking predators’ type. Mackerels, sharks and jacks are skilled pursuing predators, while the flatfish, lizardfish and scorpionfish are known for their abilities in ambushing their prey.

• Planktivore fish – Feeding on the microscopic marine organisms known as “plankton”, they are classified in 3 groups: benthic planktivores, open water planktivores and nocturnal planktivores. The jaw-fish is the most known benthic planktivore. Snappers, sea basses and wrasses are notorious open water planktivores. The nocturnal planktivore coral reef fish category is also well represented by soldier-fish and cardinal-fish.

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The Different Types Of Fashion Dresses

There are various dresses for varying body shapes. This means that some types of dresses look better on some body shapes compared to others. It is crucial to know this to enable you choose a dress that will flatter your body. Some examples of dresses include:

Wrap Dresses

These types of dresses are ideal for women with a body shaped like a pear. This is because they highlight a woman’s waistline with a body resembling the shape of a pear. These dresses are also recommended for women who desire to bring out their body proportion. It draws attention to a lady’s curves in a feminine and lovely manner.

Cocktail Dresses

These dress types are not formal but still portray elegant fashion. They are ideal when going to town but in a special category. These dresses are normally shorter mostly at knee height. They enable you to acquire a relaxed look and one that shows that you are prepared to enjoy an evening in town or party. Party dresses and club dresses are also found in this category. They help you acquire a casual look that tells others that you understand where the party is at.

Maxi Dresses

People who love maxi dresses should be cautious with them especially for women who are petite. It is advisable to select a little print for those below 5 foot 4. Fortunately, any person can don maxi dresses. However, they are particularly ideal for women with a somewhat boyish figure as it accentuates feminine curves as well as those with an elongated torso. It is essential to note that there are diverse dresses for varying body shapes.

Bandage Dresses

These dresses are made from composite material similar to the one used in shape-wear or foundation garments. It is made to fit tightly and accentuate your body shape due to its stretch. The material resembles a set of fine-looking bandages wrapped all around your body thus the name. It is normally made after combining spandex, nylon and rayon. Bandage dresses come in a number of sizes such as Large, Medium, Small and X-small. Unfortunately, there are minimal plus size bandage dresses supplied or made plus sized or XL. It is important to note that quality bandage dresses stretch for about 3 to 4 inches across an individual’s body.

Understanding the different dress types available and ways they can enhance your appearance, is the start to ensuring that you are prepared for any event with comfort and fashion combined.

How to Have a Younger Looking Skin without Applying Make Up Anymore

As you may very well know, no matter how much makeup you’re going to apply on your face, it is not going to replace your natural beauty. Environmental factors, genetics, but also prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays are some of the main factors that take a big toll on the way your skin looks and that is why you need to make sure you do everything you can in order to protect it. Luckily, you don’t need to consider going under the knife, since there are many other ways you can use to look younger as we’re going to see in the paragraphs below.

The amazing benefits of phytoceramides

You probably heard about phytoceramides by now and if you want to get them, but have no idea how, then you may want to check But what are phytoceramides in the first place? Well, these are special supplements that can help improve the way your skin looks by reducing the signs of aging, delaying the aging process and also smoothing out your wrinkles. They contain no gluten, are rich in vitamin A, E, D and C and are available for a great price as well. Better yet, they have on side effects, so no matter how long you plan on taking them, they won’t make you feel sick in any way.


Start using sunscreen more often

Sunscreen is essential if you live in a sunny climate so that is why you should consider using sunscreen more often if you haven’t done so until now. Since it blocks the negative effects of the sun’s UV rays, not only can you delay the aging process, but also avoid getting skin cancer. As for the right SPF for your skin, you can always decide on it with your dermatologist, but no matter which one you’re eventually going to get, make sure it has a SPF of at least thirty.

Wash your face every day

Another thing you can do in order to keep your skin looking fresh and beautiful is to wash your face two times a day. By doing so, you’re going to remove the excess oil, dead skin cells and dirt off your face. When using a cleaner, make sure to apply it gently on your face by using your fingers, since this way you can avoid irritation. After washing your face, use a clean towel to pat it dry. Don’t forget about using an oil free moisturizer daily as well.